So I tend to create super hero universes that deviate in some way from standard, generic, cliche, etc superhero universes. For example, in one it was a normal superhero universe then everyone lost their powers. My current idea I'm developing is essentially creating a team of heroes like the Avengers or the Justice league but with a rule set to limit or in some cases eliminate super hero stereotypes and tropes and create more unique characters and plots.

Rule 1: the death of a parent or anyone close to the protagonist cannot be what motivates the character to become a superhero. After all save for a few dead parents or other companions is what created easily 90% of all superheroes.

Rule 2: avoid the whole they go from not working together to becoming best of friends arc. They can become friends but the crux of the plot can't be them trying to work through their differences and discovering they need each other. It's a good trope I will not deny that in fact if it wasn't it wouldn't have become a trope. But because let's face it every superhero story from Avengers to Justice league does this. And the goal here is to create something that deviates.

Rule 3 no chosen one characters. Essentially no characters like Wonder Woman or Thor where they're destined for greatness. Again it's not a bad trope in my opinion but its frequently used and for this mission, I have set myself out on I'm trying to create heroes that don't comply with most of the tropes.

Rule 4: No he got his powers by complete accident because its to plot convenient. Which brings us to

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Rule 5: avoid plot convenience and make things hard on the protagonists. If people die they die and that's that if the heroes end up in a situation they can't win maybe they take a loss that has lasting permanent consequences. If it's like the Dark Knight where in order to win they have to make a sacrifice then that will happen with lasting permanent effects.

Rule 6: Now this wasn't always a trope but it has become that story where the hero realizes their actions have consequences I'm talking like BvS or Civil war.

Rule 7: The villain should always have motivations that reflect ideals and mindsets of what actual criminals, terrorists, dictator, etc have. Essentially villain must be more developed than your standard Saturday mourning cartoon villain.

To conclude if you also write superhero fiction you could share your thoughts and possible ideas if this has inspired anything I have ideas so it's for discussion/debate or if you have a rule to add to make things more interesting. Or if you just have general comments. And like I said I have nothing against these tropes and enjoy stories where they're done well but this is supposed to be a superhero universe that deviates from the norm because this is apparently what I do in my spare time.

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