Hi! This is my first post in this subreddit so its nice to meet you guys. Anyways i have a narrative that’s extremely expansive in scope and needs a structure.

The story I’m writing is called obelisk where the main character needs to go layer upon layer in the galaxy exploring planets to get to the center of the galaxy where infinite happiness is said to be there. The structure of the story being the main character visiting planets needed to form a pirate crew, like crew members, a ship etc. with each new thing added to the crew needs a conflict in order to obtain the thing.

Example: The main character needs a ship in order to go across the galaxy to the center of the galaxy. Finds that a contest is being a held for money where its a fight to the death with other people. Wins the contest and gets the money to buy a ship.

Now this story structure of going planet to planet with a over lapping goal comes from one piece. Is this something bad where execution is different but the structure of the narrative is very similar to another work? Or is it just using a great story structure as a base line and improving upon it with whatever your original story needs?

So all in all is it copying or taking inspiration?

TLDR: i make a story with a similar story structure to another work. Is this copying or using a good structure for your own story and ideas?

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