Hey guys.

I am working on a story i have been pondering about. Its my first real full story and so I have alot of beginners problems.

The things i was able to learn from this forum and a lot of youtube videos was helpful for general structure, but too vague to master the obstacles myself.

I would love to find people to share my idea with in detail and learn by their experience and knowledge, how to put these ideas and character arcs into a real story. I dont really have any other interest than finally make this story fix and not just have it fload around my head anymore.

Is there a place to go to find those people to chat with?

I dont looks for someone to write for me, but aid me to write myself.

I am kinda a noob and very naiv when it comes to writing. And tend to be overwhelmed a lot by this huge task of putting this entire other world on paper. Finding a good and practical way to structure things would help me a lot to start.

Im used to write scientific papers. But they are much different to what i play here.

Also im very much against the idea of writing this story in the typical manner. Like with a slow start that peaks then gets a down and then ends. I prefer to see things less like this formular and enjoy to think in other manners. But this is the most frequent advice i saw online.


Looking for a forum or people to chat with someone who enjoys to help a newbie with the basics in a dialogue on the practical example rather than theory.

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