I was watching the presentation on youtube titled '2013 International Conference on WWII – Kursk The Epic Armoured Engagement'. The presentation can be found here:

Does anyone know if the figures (in particular the figures presented around the 29:50 mark on tank production) are accurate regarding tank production among the major powers? the cumulative figures on tank production given are as follows:

  • 4. UK – 38,252
  • 3. Germany – 46,937
  • 2. USA – 102,253
  • 1. Soviet Union – 106,104

I was interested to see that according to the data used in the presentation, In 1942 the UK had both more operational tanks than Germany and would produce more tanks than the Germans that year (circa 8400 tanks produced in the UK compared to circa 6000 produced in Germany) and even by the end of 1943 the UK supposedly still had more operational tanks than the Germans, although German annual tank production had overtaken the UK by this time. These figure are also for home-built tanks only, so do not show that the UK also recieved more than 3000 tanks from the US via lendlease during this early period (including circa 2800 M3 tanks) and starting in early 1942 would recieve the first of around 17,000 Sherman's from the US..

These figures would suggest that the UK had an overall higher density of tanks relative to the size of its army and also throughout the war the UK consistently had a greater number of tanks than Germany at all stages – 38,000 home-built + 20,000 from the US compared with German production of 47,000 total.

This is interesting also considering the disparity in the size of the two armies throughout the war (the total number of British who served in the army during the war was around 3 million, compared with around 12 million for the Germans).

Obviously this assumes the figures are correct..

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