Several times I've been told that I need to find my target audience, or been asked what my target audience is. And I really have no idea. I never set out to appeal to any one particular group; I just write the stories I want to read and go wherever imagination takes me. It probably doesn't help that I switch between genres, although my stuff all falls somewhere on the fantasy spectrum.

All my writings include action and violence, generally with some mention of gore though I don't get pornographic about it. I also don't feature any more sexuality than one can see on prime-time TV.

I'm looking into releasing my upcoming WIP on Wattpad. It's a space opera setting; Star Wars-esque space fantasy with magic and demons, though the first story is about a small crew of freelancers travelling through wild territory and getting into scrapes. There's shooting and stabbing and I haven't decided on the level of foul language; whether to make up words or use the real-world salty ones. One character is a runaway sex slave, although again I don't get into graphic descriptions of what she went through.

What exactly is even meant by "target audience"? How do I decide what mine is, and how do I seek them out?

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