The Bank of England, feared by the founders?


I've read quotes from some founding fathers such as James Madison refer to the Bank of England as an "engine of corruption". The idea of a central bank in the United States has been a good topic of debate throughout American history. We've seen central banks come and go throughout the republics' life, and we seem to have settled on the Federal Reserve today. My question is this: where there any founding fathers/constitutional framers who's primary motivations for leaving Britain was to escape the Bank of England, or to escape big banking as a whole? I'm familiar with Jeffersonian Agrarianism and I feel like this man maybe would come from that camp. I'm also familiar with the Jefferson-Hamilton dichotomy and am aware that Hamilton wanted to model his bank as closely to the Bank of England as he could. You just don't seem to hear much about those on the other side, any information or expansion of this line of thought is welcome.

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