I've recently come across a bunch of information about an old empire called Tartary which was supposedly located where modern Russia is, although all depictions of the empire I can find suggest that Tartary was much larger than modern-day Russia. I'm heavily intrigued about the subject simply because I've never heard of it before today and you'd think I would've heard something about an empire that size somewhere along the line. Everything I read about Tartary all connects to some weird conspiracy theory type stuff. I'm posting this to ask if anyone out there can confirm or deny the existence of Tartary, although I'm currently more inclined to believe it never existed. In the meantime, I'll continue my own research.

P.S: I've only been reading about this for like 5 minutes so if it is fake and it's blatantly obvious that it's fake, I just haven't found that out yet. I just want to make absolutely sure I haven't missed an entire empire in history.

Source: reddit post


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