So I love true crime, I also love learning fun history stuff to bring up randomly in conversation.

I did want to share some fun facts that I learned about the first recorded human serial killer in history, Locusta of Gaul. Now, historians aren't 100% sure that she is the first serial killer in human history, but she is one of the earliest ones recorded.

  • Locusta’s early life isn’t so well known, but it’s thought that she was born in the first century A.D in a tiny town in outer Rome called Gaul. During her early years, she learned about the plants around her and eventually became a well known herbalist.
  • One of her nicknames was “Locusta the Poisoner.” She took her calling really seriously, and created hundreds of poisons to help dispatch enemies of her clients in new and interesting ways. Some common poisons in her arsenal were hemlock, belladonna, nightshade, arsenic, quinine, and even cyanide and opium
  • She is credited for supplying the potion used to kill the Roman Emperor Claudius, and his heir Britannicus.
  • She was the Imperial Poisoner for Emperor Nero until 68 CE, when the Roman Senate condemned Emperor Nero to death, and she lost her safety net.

Here's some sources for where I got this info if anyone wants to read more!

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Source: reddit post

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