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I know that for some people the holidays can be rough. Whether it be a mental issue, losing someone, just got out of a relationship, or just feeling down, sometimes the holidays can feel exacerbate the feeling of being alone.

If someone wants to reach out and talk, feel free to. While it doesn’t matter to me what to talk about, in an attempt to keep this relevant to the sub, I’ll just focus on the writing.

While writing is inherently a solitary act, it can be helpful to bounce ideas off, or get someone else to read over or edit some work, or co-write. Sometimes, just talking about stuff can clear your head so that you can write without that distraction.

Just a disclaimer: I am not a counsellor, just someone who understands what it can be like and wants to help if I can.

Hope you all have a good winter holidays and a happy New Years.

Stay safe.

Edit: Thank you to everyone for the positive reaction to this post. And thank you to the user who gave me the platinum (I don’t know if they wish to remain anonymous or not so I’m opting on the safe side). I apologize for my comments. I thought I was replying to the comments but was actually just making individual comments. I’ve fixed it now and deleted most of the comments, aside from the one where the mistake was pointed out (thank you again for catching that before I made it much worse) and sorry to those who thought that they didn’t get heard or receive a reply.

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