The most comically bizarre story or plot point you’ve ever written or read?


Me first…

A decade ago I wrote a sci-fi short screenplay about aliens testing a deadly virus on earth. Every human dies, except for the main guy who is immune. The aliens send in a super advanced android (design as a sexy female) to make the guy think "she" is the only other immune person on the planet… and of course, they end up having sex. Not the most terrible story but…..

When the aliens finally reveal themselves, they explain to him that they manage to get a sample of his DNA by taking his semen from inside the android………., I'm gonna give you a moment to process that.

So yeah, I wrote this like a completely serious plot point, making the aliens explain in detail and with a straight face, how they got this guy's jizz from inside a robot. It wasn't until a friend point it out, that I realized how stupid that was. I still don't know what was going through my head back then

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