I know I struggled with POVs when I first started writing. Not that I have it perfect, but when I began I had no clue at all on how to think about character POVs in fiction.

I've put together what I hope is a simple graphic on common POV formats and I hope you find it useful. Very open to suggestions, corrections, and improvement ideas. I'd ideally like to keep it to a single page.

Edit 1: Guess Harry Potter isn't 3rd Person Omniscient, I'll fix it.

Edit 2: Made some fixes to the sheet based on comments below.


Edit 3: Extra notes:

  • Books do switch POVs. The general recommendation is to stick to one POV per chapter so as to avoid confusing the reader, but rules can be broken if you can make it work
  • In Limited POVs, there's always the temptation or habit to write "He noticed" and "He watched" etc. when you can just avoid that and write what he or she noticed. For example, "He noticed them walking towards the hills" can just be "They walked towards the hills" because you are seeing it from the character's point of view already
  • You can get the PDF here, I will keep it updated time to time.

Source: reddit post


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