So I was listening to Sabaton on the first world war, and it got me thinking, what is actually is the price of a mile in human lives.

From what I can gather, In the battle of Passchendaele there were a grand total of 585,000 causalities on both sides. Half a million people died to take 5 miles of worthless no man's land. So yeah if we do some math, (585,000 casualties, for 26,400 feet) it comes out to about ~22 people losing their lives, their sanity, and everything else, for 1 foot of no man's land.

So yeah, your life, all of the connections, and experiences, and all of the mess-ups and successes you've had are worth about ~1/2 an inch of no man's land. Half a fucking inch.

To put it in perspective, the average town in the US had a population of at or below about ~2500 people. So, the life of every man, woman, and child, every last person you've ever known in your entire life, would buy 100 feet of no man's land. Yeah.

I hope if there are any good history professors out there, they explain that kinda shit.

That puts history into perspective

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