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So, as many of you guys know, Boris Johnson has become the Prime Minister of the U.K. just yesterday (yes, I promise this is relevant). I recently re-read The Secret History the other day – being a huge fan of the book, I always like going back to it to see if there’s something I missed or didn’t fully pick up on. This brings me to the point I want to discuss, something that I picked up on quite a lot recently – the character of Bunny Corcoran, to me at least, is quite a lot like Boris Johnson.

Stepping away from the obvious similarities – blonde messy hair, an frankly obnoxious persona- it’s fascinating to see how similar the two are at a deeper level. Bunny, despite recieving similar education and being at a similar social level to the other main characters, is considered a fringe member of the group, someone who doesn’t seem ‘in’ with characters like Henry and the others. But then Bunny becomes the one who holds the power – the rest of the group realise that, amongst them all, Bunny is the one member of the group who has a presence everywhere, who can somehow connect to everyone at once despite being a terrible, arrogant person.

Taking a look at Boris Johnson, those who have witnessed him in action can see he has this weird ability to connect with the so- called “common man”- the persona of the ‘everyday man’ , so different from the reality of who he is, enables him to endear himself to the masses, ensuring that he can secure his presence amongst so many members of the general public. But this persona is also employed when he interacts with those within his own social spheres, particularly the Oxbridge sphere – Boris Johnson is an Oxford man, but not because his parents paid his way into Oxford. This is why comparisons to Trump are actually quite unfounded – Johnson knows exactly what he’s doing. This persona he has cultivated has enabled him to have a foot in two worlds- the world of Westminster and the Posh Boys Club, and the world of the blue collar voter. He remains at the fringe of the Posh Boys Club, but the reality is that he is the one who holds the power.

Now, I must admit – I personally dislike both Bunny and Boris very much. But I would appreciate if this discussion didn’t get too political, because that isn’t really relevant.

(Also, sorry if this all came off as pretentious.)

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