The secular side of Constantine the Great?


Although perhaps warranted, the significance of Constantine’s role in the history of early Christianity seems to completely overshadow the other aspects of his reign. Consequently, I often wonder how Constantine would be remembered if he, like his predecessors, had remained fully pagan instead, thereby leaving posterity with only his secular achievements to assess.

I am aware of most the major things like his significant decision to establish Constantinople as the new capital in the east, so in general I am more curious about some of the following:

Was Constantine an effective leader? Did he institute any policies or reforms which were largely successful? Indeed the heyday of the Principate was long gone, but relatively speaking, did the empire prosper, stagnate, or decline during his reign? Did he at least make the most of the hand he was dealt? Was he any more or less popular among the people than his predecessors? How do his military achievements compare to other Emperors?

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