An individual can learn much from history and when he/she peruses the different chapters of history, they can see how even the smallest thing can have an immense impact. How quarrels between a group of people can even lead to the death and violence for thousands. Let me show you five examples.

1 – The First Illyrian War (229-228 BC)

The Adriatic coast was a popular route for Italian, Illyrian and Greek businessmen to sail their ships for the transport of goods across the mediterranean. Piracy was quite common among the Illyrian and many Roman merchants were stolen from and even killed in their voyages. The Roman senate finally sent a delegation to the Illyrians. Their ruler was Queen Teuta and she told the ambassadors that she no government ships will attack Roman ships but she cannot do much about private people stealing in the sea. One of the ambassadors lost his temper and in response, Teuta arranged for the impudent ambassador to be murdered on his way back to Rome. After this happened; Rome declared war.

2 – Münster Rebellion (1534)

When Jan van Leiden, an Anabaptist from the Netherlands was informed of the more open minded society in the German town of Münster, he quickly went over there to devote more time and effort to his fate. The town had a bishop and many catholics. Yet seeing how things can be twisted around, him and his anabaptist friend, John Matthys and other anabaptists began spreading propaganda around the town about their particular faith, how the world would soon end, how Münster will be the New Jerusalem and how God is speaking to them. It all seems odd but the fact was that this absurd piece of propaganda was able to give Jan van Leiden and Jan Matthys an army and group of supporters who kicked the authorities and bishop out of the town and started their own regime.

3 – The Pastry War (1838-1839)

During the early years of Mexico; a French pastry shop owner had his shop looted by thugs and when he demanded compensation from the government, he got a big no. Afterwards, he appealed to his home country of France to intervene and also gathered together many other French immigrants to do the same. The result was that France demanded Mexico to pay the shop owner and created a blockade on its port; sparking the infamous pastry war.

4 – World War I (1914-1918)

When Franz Ferdinand visited the town of Sarajevo, he didn't consider much protection for himself and his wife Sophie. The region was hot with Yugoslav nationalists who hated nothing more than the imperialist Austrian empire and Habsburg rule. After an earlier incident with a hand grenade explosion that harmed some of the Duke's retinue; he still continued things fairly well and paraded in his car for the townspeople. The Duke was quite open and yet the car took a wrong turn, but when the driver went to back out, the breaks locked and at this precise moment, a 19 year old boy, Gavrilo Princip, slipped out and shot point blank the duke and his wife, thus starting a conflict between Serbia and Austria and consequently, the first world war.

5 – The Albanian Rebellion (1997)

When a newly formed Albanian government made a ponzi scheme in order to raise money, there came a point when they scheme could no longer make payments and investors got angry. The investors accounted for two-thirds of the population and a particular group of protesters were students from a university in Vlore. The students organized a hunger strike as a protest demanding their returned money and through this they attracted an immense following. Thousands of people surrounded the university and protested with these students attacking police officers and expelling people out of the town. In a month, other Albanian cities and even a Navy base was in control of rebels and the government, failing to control this revolt, gave up and Italy gathered troops with seven other nations to quell the rebellion under a UN resolution.

What we can learn from this is that wars and historical events are not always created by the hands of kings and generals. In many ways, things can change very dramatically. You can be a mouthy ambassador, a foreign pastry chef, a religious fanatic with a good PR team, a student in a university or even a teenager with a gun and towns and nations can change immensely.

Let us keep this in mind next time we see the news and something spontaneous comes up. Because who knows what it might lead to…

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