Before I start, this is just me sharing something I am deeply passionate about (History) and this is the best place I know to find people who would enjoy discussing it. I am in no means a good writer and am very sorry if you didn't like this.

Fourth of August 1578, Moroccans have just won a decisive victory against the invading Portuguese ultimately leading to the destruction of the whole house of Aviz and Portugal losing their independence to Philip II of Spain. They also lost their king Abd Al-Malik of the Saadi dynasty due to natural causes (he rode to battle despite being very ill) but Ahmad Al-Mansur (who became later known as Al-Mansur Eddahabi or “The Golden”) succeeded him. Al-Mansur used his newly acquired prestige and wealth from ransoming European captives to solidify his rule and prepare to invade the wealthy Songhai Empire.

Al-Mansur the Golden easily overcame the Songhai army in the battle of Tondibi using gunpowder and British cannons, both technologies that The Songhai did not have access to at the time. This victory led to the sacking of major Songhai cities such as Jenne and Timbuktu adding to his wealth and riches.

Al-Mansur also helped protect Moroccan independence by playing the Ottomans and the Spanish against each other’s

By 1592, Morocco was on the verge of greatness, the doors to Africa’s riches were wide-open, resources like Gold and Slaves were within reach as well as the global trade network linking Europe, Africa, and America. The country was safe from any foreign European invasion, as they would have to face the Ottoman Empire and the same thing should the Ottomans try to conquer Morocco.

Al-Mansur started working to pacifying the quite large newly acquired lands, he had some success but the resistance was fierce and smaller kingdoms started popping left and right but he was determined to bring the riches of Mali into Moroccan possessions, as this was the only way since Morocco was very poor when it came to resources.

Alas, exactly 25 years (and 21 days but that’s lame) after his succession to the throne after the glorious victory at “the battle of the three kings”, Al-Mansur the Golden drew his last breath, succumbing to the plague at the age of 54.

Morocco fell into civil war after the death of Al-Mansur and stayed divided until the Alaouite dynasty rose to power in 1631. The thirty years of chaos led to the depletion of Moroccan coffers and everyone was so busy fighting each other is to think about conquest or the expanding of Moroccan territories and resources.

Morocco’s geographical location always made it a contender to becoming a world power and that was never closer than during the reign of Al-Mansur and his plans to conquer Western Africa. However, the plague (and apparently his sons) had other plans in mind and now I have to sit here and write these lines on an empty stomach (/s).

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