I’m writing scripts for a tetralogy saga of shows. 2-4 will be story driven, but the first one will be episodic at first. The first one in the series is about a kid who moves to a different country and has a hard time adjusting to it. Although the first half of the show is basically this, there will be hints of a much bigger story that reveals itself in the second half and sets the stage for the events to follow throughout the rest of the saga. What I’m trying to say is that the first show is under the guise of a normal “American kid moves to different country and gets cultural shock”. However I feel that if I use that while advertising my show, it’ll be blatant false advertising. It’s worrying me, so any guidance if this is an alright way to write or not is greatly appreciated.

(If by any means that I have the wrong flair on, just let me know what I could change it too, I’m new here and this is my first real post)

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