I'm developing a sport for my world and I've finalized a rough draft and would greatly appreciate feedback on the subject.

Think of Soccer and then Capture the Flag. Think of stealth magic and Preception Magic. Now mix them all up and add a stadium full of the cheering masses 🔊📢📣, the well to do 💍, the social elite and Nobility 💎.

The field is your standard earth Soccer field length.

1 Goal on each side of the field. 1 Flag on each side of the field set behind the goal. The soccer 9 players on each team. Positions are not mandatory, and there are no offsides.

A team cannot score while their own flag is not secured at the flag stand. The object of the sport would be to maintain control of your flag and score with the ball in the opposing teams goal. Most points win. You do not get points for controlling the opponents flag, however bear in mind they cannot score on you without positive control of their own flag at their flag stand.

Arrangement of your teams focus can be changed from focusing on scoring, to capturing their flag, to defending your own flag, to recovering your own flag. To do this you would shift your players to suit your needs.

Example, as a team Captain. Say you have control of your flag and you feel like your chances are great to score so you call for a 'Full 7' move! Your team responds by bringing the two backfield defenders to the forefield to aid in attack while leaving your flag guard and goalie behind. You end up scoring !! The crowd erupts!!!! 📣🎶 Great job Captain!!!

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To keep the pace of the game fast, substitution of players are allowed at any time given that there are only 9 players on the field at any given time.

I have the layout for 3 leagues, College League, City League, and Royal League. College league is funded and supported by the Arcanist Schools. City League would be more prestigious and is a professional league supported by the host cities throughout the continent. The most prestigious and highly paid professionals are the Royal League, which are supported by your ruling class of each different country and compete with each other for their country's glory and fame.

What do you think? What suggestions do you have?

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