So i dove into web design/development awhile back and am at a point now where i can design a website, and get it hosted. This is sort of a side project to keep me on task, trying new things, improving the site, general learning of the content id be blogging about. Which brings me to my first question, and probably my main one.

My idea was to blog about my experiences as a fresh developer. I feel like writing out what i just accomplished or failed at, would maybe gain insight though reflection. Is there a niche for this style of blog? Are people even interested in something like this? One of my problems is I feel unqualified to give advice, as i am fairly new. I just don't want to give wrong information.

Second question is more on the tech side of things. I've had an idea to just build my site from scratch, get up to presentable standards, and then pop it up. Improving it over time. Can you draw people to a blog like this, or would it be more worthwhile to go with a solid blogging platform?

Third question. the end goal of this is to eventually get it to the point where i can start to network, and get more contacts in the webdev world. Is this attainable with this sort of goal?

Any tips or criticisms would be greatly appreciated!

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