Hello everyone,

I had this shower thought earlier this week and I wanted to share it with you:

Imagine you wrote this story that have been turning in your head for so many months. You rework your draft, edit it out, find a publisher and your book finally hits the shelves of a few libraries (if you already did all that, congratulations!).

Then because of a crazy washing machine accident you're sent back in time 10 years ago in your younger body. Of course, imbued with future knowledge about your life and the world you're ready to make the most of that second chance! You knew that memorizing those lottery numbers weren't in vain! Yet your beloved book is now officially lost into the whims of time, forever lost and unread… unless you write it down again from the start.

Would you do it? Is it important for you that your story exists in a physical form in the world, maybe even has a readership, or what matters to you is getting it out of your head and on paper once? What would motivate or demotivate you to redo it all again?

There's of course no right or wrong answer, I just wanted to know your opinion and see how you all position yourself with respect to your craft.

Take care, and stay away from washing machines!

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