Magic in this world is a form of energy that exists everywhere, in places where its focused it even takes on a physical form like a crystal. calling it Aether (The physical manifestation of the energy is not important for the Magic system but is important to technology)

everyone has what is called a "Gate" this gate works much like it sounds, if your gate is open or mostly open, you have an easier time pulling magic to yourself to power a spell. if your gate is mostly closed it will be alot harder to pull the magic energy to you and if its completly closed you can't use magic. learning to open your gate may take a long time.

Anyone can learn magic but since there are dangers of using magic alot of people tend to not learn it

Focus Point Casting: when a person has mastered the flow and mental focus of Aether, they can create a focus point that can be away from the body, the focus point has a maximum range away from the body of at max 2 Meters.

  • Advantage: Spells can be very powerful, No danger to the body
  • Disadvantage: Takes a while to form a spell, takes alot of mental focus causing mental strain, Headaches, Migrains and confusion can happen with a mind that is overtaxed or using magic too often without rest

Combat casting: is a faster but more dangerous way of using magic. The focus point was the main way magic was taught until Soldiers learned another way, pulling Aether through the body to a limb like the hand.

  • Advantage: the body is acting as the focus point, casting spells still has a mental strain but less than Focus Point Casting. Faster/immediate casting
  • Disadvantage: Since Aether is being pulled through the body, it puts alot of strain on the body, to much use of magic can lead to exhaustion, passing out. Pulling too much Aether or losing control of the Aether can lead to death as the runaway energy will destroy the body. If the user cuts off a spell to rapidly it can cause pain to the arm that the energy is being funnels to. The last disadvantage is the power of a spell, only lower to lower-mid power spells can be safely used as the magic required to charge a powerful spell can and will destroy the casters body.
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Think of the Aether energy running through your body like a water pipe system, too much water pressure (like the build up of Aether) can cause the pipes to burst. cutting off the flow abruptly would cause hammering, but in this case the hammering is happening in your arm. causing a lot of pain

Magic has to be continuously channeled. making structures like an ice bridge or a rock wall will fall apart when the user stops casting the magic, these are only temporary constructs that will only last as long as the user.

Healing Magic has to be channeled, a wounded person has a bullet wound. the medic would have to sit and channel the spell until the wound is completely healed or the wound has healed to a point they are no longer in danger. the healing can only save a person who is wounded but will not bring back a person who is dead. (Like CPR, if you don't get to the person in time, they are gone) If a person is mortally wounded, they need to have survived the initial wound, an attack that kills a person outright, mostly likely can't be saved

Mental Magic trying to get the truth out of someone like an interrogation, mental magic can be used to force your ill into them and make them tell you the truth but a spell like this only works if your mind can overpower theirs, if they are mentally strong or are so focused on not breaking they will be able to fight it off. you have to be next to the person to do this, can't do it from range.

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