In my story there are mainly 2 types of magic (and another unofficial one).

> Supernatural magic

> Natural magic

> life force/instinct/inner magic

It can be combined in some fields with some fields overlapping with each other:
– Blood magic (inner+super)

– Elemental weapon buff (super + natural)

– Poison magic (inner + natural)

Natural Magic:

Often informally referred to as informal magic since it is not taught at official magic institution, but instead is passed through tradition from one person to another, like master teaching disciple or mother teaching children. It was once common but is replaced by modern, more conventional magic and technology. Takes energy from from nature and manipulate it to the user's desire

– it can range from simply potion mixing to manipulating the weather

– A lot of kingdoms outlaw this magic since it considered heretical and extremely volatile form of magic since it is not officially taught

– used by sorcerers, bards, assassins, thief, witchdocters, beast tamers, and normal countryside villager who had tradition passed on to them

– relies on the user's creativity and attunement with nature

– most common among people who live in country side

– people who have mastered the art of harnessing natural magic are called "Sages"

Supernatural Magic

Often formally referred to as "formal magic". Takes energy from super natural sources,i.e divide being/god or outergods(powerful being which aren't responsible for creation) or from a divine domain like the sun, rain, ocean for priest who worship specific panthon. For example, people who worship Vakdos, god of war and healing will get energy from the sun, or those who worship Verana, god of harvest will get their power from the rain

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– Can be used in combat, healing and other purposes

– Is taught at established magic instituition

– Relies on the user's knowledge, faith, willpower

– used by wizards, priest, paladin, healers, necromancer, and knights

Inner magic (life force)

Not even considered a form of magic to begin with. It is present in all living being, young or old, male or female, but humans had a hard time unlocking it since we live in a relatively peaceful life compared to other animal whom have lived every day struggling to survive or hunt. All experienced warrior that had experienced years of battle, training, and near death experience had experienced this form of 'magic'. This power will activate when at least one of the condition is met. Many people from our normal world had also experienced this as well, such as a finnish sniper, Simo Hayha who killed 700 russian troop all the while dodging counter snipers and artillery bombardment or that Indian soldier who managed to solo'ed an entire British soldier squad with a kukri knife. Once it is activate, it uses "Life Energy" every living being is born with to strengthen oneself, attack and defense.

With really experience, strong-willed and/or skillful warrior, it will grant the user immense boost to their physical attribute, like being able to cut a person with bare hand, dodging arrows in a rain of arrow, being numb to pain, tank abnormal amount of damage, or let the person continue fighting even though it is theoretically impossible for them to be alive at that point if their will power is enough. Such example are when one of the legendary lizardman warrior, Khonedore would continue still be able to hurt his foe even though the entire right half of his body is blown off, or how a emperor's guard body whose head had been cleanly blown off just stood up from the ground and jumped in to kill the attacker before they could lay a hand on the emperor

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