So this story I’m working on has 8 central characters (a little big for a main cast, but I have plans to make it work). And I wanted to know what thoughts everyone might have on their concepts as well as any ideas on how to flesh them out a bit (I don’t really have problems with fleshing out characters, but other perspectives are always good).

1) The POV character is named Alva, and suffers from trauma-induced amnesia (cliché, I know). This makes him a curious and adventurous type who jumps at most opportunities to gather information. Which either serves to remind him of stuff he already knew or teaches him about new things. Overall, he’s well-rounded in pretty much every way, but he’s not free from losing his cool or making poor calls, and specifically he is terrible at mentally functioning against bad odds. (E.g. he will make bad choices and have trouble staying composed in a fight that he is outclassed in. Making him very dependent on others in tough situations.)

2) Nimey is a mage who is introduced almost immediately after Alva (she is also present for nearly the rest of the story, making her the second most familiar character.) She is fairly shy, introverted and a little weird socially, but she is also mute, and since the world has no form of sign language, she communicates through writing and gestures. In spite of her constant presence, she’s consistently mysterious, and due to the barrier of communication and her shyness, the rate in which information is given about her is slow, and her loneliness and isolation throughout her life makes her difficult to grow close to. She was also discovered in an uninhabited region of the world at age 8 by a guild captain, so she cannot recall specific moments of her past either, giving her something in common with Alva.

3) Levion is a current guild captain, and the daughter of the previous captain who discovered Nimey. She acts as a mentor to Alva and Nimey, as she is proficient in everything combat related. She has a strong sense of honour, pride and loyalty, and she is primarily motivated by her desire to live up to her father’s legacy. While this makes her a very strong combatant, her obsession with living up to and surpassing expectations makes her insecure of her imperfections, and she socially tends to come off as dismissive and antisocial. However, when she finally allows herself to grow closer to others, she slowly comes to respect them as friends over students.

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4) Winpen is a talented healer, who was born with a natural affinity for light magic. However, he is anxious, and does not do well under pressure. Since light magic is receptive to the user’s faith, his magic would fail if he lacks confidence in his abilities. Ever since the day he failed to save someone, his faith in himself reached a new low, making it common for his magic to fail, creating a perpetual cycle. Through gaining support from others, he finds it within himself to have faith in himself, and reach greater potential.

5) Lucien is a confident, charismatic, and laid-back thief, who starts out on the ultimate wrong foot by robbing the party upon their first meeting. The town in which he lives has terrible wealth disparity, meaning he was doomed from the beginning to steal in order to survive. Since everyone knows about his past through his reputation as a master thief, no one will trust him, making theft all the more essential in his life. However, he deeply desires an escape from his life of crime, and finds himself struggling between seeking redemption and falling back on the one thing he knows. It’s only through the opportunity that the others grant him that he could learn to use his skill for a good cause.

6) Ebony is master huntress. She is blunt, socially awkward and very serious, who almost lived her entire life away from civilisation due to her older sister becoming a fugitive and escaping to the wilderness with her. This event forced her into a life of danger, risk and hardship, which she fears to leave behind for lacking an understanding of the outside world. With motivation from the others, she is given the opportunity to improve her life and stop fighting for basic survival. At this point in the story, Alva has a solid understanding of the world, and this gives him the ability to form a solid bond with Ebony by helping her to adjust to society the same way he had to. (Also, she is the source of some quality banter as someone who is just learning about the latest medieval-era technology).

7) Roven was a paladin of the goddess of light, whose order was destroyed in a war against the order dedicated to the god of darkness. He is stubborn, traditional and wise. However his deep-rooted resentment for the order that destroyed his own sometimes makes him reckless. However he is usually level-headed, despite being very set in his ways. (Overall, this is the character I most need ideas for.)

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8) Voma is inherited nobility who comes from a line of powerful and respected spell-swords. However, the loss of her family to a political assassination has left her cold and distrusting of others, and after losing her adopted son to illness, she developed a fear and resentment of death, as well as an obsession with finding a way to bring her son back from death by trapping his soul and seeking a solution. This ultimately lead her to pursue Alva in hopes of killing him and using his soul to bring her son back (this makes a lot more sense with context built up throughout the story. You just have to trust me on this). By being defeated and spared by the others out of pity, she slowly learns to become more trusting. Despite initially clashing with Lucien due to her past biased against people of similar background, she slowly forges a strong bond with him due to their shared experience of losing a loved one. This gives her the courage to come to terms with her son’s fate and let him go.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns you’d like to make, feel free. My story is still evolving and I’d like to hear your feedback. Also feel free to speculate and share your thoughts on how the characters should/will potentially interact.

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