Although this character isn't exactly created for a fantasy story, but I can write him into one for the sake of this subreddit. Unfortunately, I don't know where else to post this thread. If there is a more fitting subreddit to post this to, please let me know and I will transfer it other to that subreddit.

However, what are some of your thoughts on this particular character? Personally, he is meant to be a very flawed, yet slightly relatable character who really needs to be change his outlook on life.

Outline of character:

“Clubfoot” Carl Cane

Physical appearance:

Long greasy hair that touches his neck. His hair is dark brown, but is graying.

Has a very unkept beard that protrudes about half a foot from his chin.

He is only in his mid 20s, but he looks a decade or two older then he actually is. Mostly due to his weathered and wrinkly skin, along with his above mentioned grayish brown hair.

Covered from neck to toes in thick body hair.

Very gaunt and skinny, yet extremely stocky.

Has a distinctive scar that splits his lips in half. Received that scar during a nasty altercation with another ranch hand.

His skin is extremely tanned by years of living and working outdoors in the scorching hot sun.

His voice can range into gutturally deep to almost effeminately high pitched…depending on mood. Usually speaks with a distinctive snarl in his voice.

Often wears an unbuttoned trench coat, with a tank top underneath, jogging pants or shorts, fingerless gloves, combat boots, and a sweatband.

He has a clubfoot like injury on his right leg. Hence his nickname. Cane’s leg was injured due to a traumatic childhood beating at the hands of some ‘friends’ of his.

Personality: He is a fairly solitary man that prefers his own company. Cane can engage in brief small talk if approached, but he always keeps to himself.

Cane has a deeply held outsider mentality, where he believes that he will never fit in with anyone and anywhere.

The man values independence more than anything. Unfortunately, Cane views living an entirely isolated and solitary lifestyle as synonymous as being free. Thus he shuns interpersonal relationships with others, due to the fact he fears that other people would demand to control him. Cane is also a very paranoid man, and he has serious trust issues.

Cane cares very little for creature comforts. He is quite content with living in his cheap trailer. The only items he spends money on are firearms and ammunition, and food.

He also anti authoritarian, and he will disregard any rules or social norms that he deems ridiculous. Hence the confederate flag outside his trailer, and his poaching practices.

Cane holds grudges, and never forgets a slight. He will hold to a grudge, even years after the event had occurred.

The guy is also quite self centered and an isolationist. He avoids getting involved or helping out with other people’s problems. In turn, he never asks for help even when he needs it.

Family background; Cane is the son of a teenage runaway. Unfortunately due to his mother’s extremely promiscuous behavior at the time of his conception, he and his mother have absolutely no idea who Cane’s biological father is.

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Cane was never introduced to his extended family, he never had any siblings (due to mother’s use of birth control pills and abortions), and his mother died from an accidental drug overdose when he was in his late teens. Thus leaving Cane without a family at a young age.

To matters worse, Cane’s maternal grandfather murdered his wife, Cane’s aunts and uncles, and committed suicide, shortly after Cane was born. He was not informed of the tragedy, until a decade and a half latter.

Relationships with others: Cane has absolutely no relationships with anybody else around him. Its to the point that hardly anybody in the nearest town knows his name. The only locals that know his name are the gun shop owners. Even then, it's only because that have to do background checks on him.

His fellow ranch hands also are not aware of his actual name. They only refer to him as “the Clubfoot” due to his distinctive foot injury that resembles a clubfoot.

Due to Cane’s secretive and solitary nature, he is often the subject of the local’s outlandish urban legends and rumors.

His only real friends are his cat and his two dogs, whom he is strongly emotionally attached to.

Romantic and Sex Life:

Cane is heterosexual, and very attracted to women, yet has no interest in actually dating them. Most of that is due to him unwilling and unable to go through the effort of forming and maintaining a relationship. He still is, and will remain for years to come, a virgin that has never engaged in anything remotely sexual or romantic.

He satisfies his desires for women by purchasing fashion magazines, and admiring the models.

Political and social views:

His political orientation is vaguely conservative and libertarian, yet is a staunch atheist that strongly dislikes religion. He thinks that anybody that believes in a religion is a deluded idiot.

Political issues that Cane is indifferent towards are abortion, anything towards foreign policy, the feminist movement, illegal immigration, Health Care policies, gender identity, Climate Change and other environmental issues, the BLM and similar racial and ethnic equality movements, etc. In Cane’s point of view, those problems don’t really matter to him. Thus he gives no thoughts about those topics whatsoever.

As Cane is a strong firearms euthanist, he has a strong disdain for gun control. He shows nothing but disgust and strong hatred for those who want regulations on guns.

Cane doesn’t particularly mind any other ethnicities, but will not hesitate to use ethnic and religious slurs if especially angered. However, he does have a very strong disdain for individuals on the LGBT spectrum, as he thinks of them as “freaks of nature”. It’s to the point if an LGBT person discusses their sexuality in front of him, Cane would sprint to the nearest bathroom, and vomit in the stalls. Despite his bigoted views towards LGBT people, he will not go out of his way to force his views on them. In Cane’s point of view, as long as they don’t “shove” their sexuality in his face and leave him alone, he will not bother them.

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Lifestyle: Cane works at an isolated ranch as a ranch hand. He works his shifts, mostly feeding animals and repairing fences, and he avoids his fellow colleagues like the plague.

He lives alone in a trailer, that is about 40 feet long and 10 feet across. As mentioned, his only companions in life are his 3 pets. His two dogs are a Pitbull/Boxer mix and a German Shepard/Husky mix.

He often spends a long period of time alone. He has went entire months without seeing another human being from time to time.

For recreation, Cane mostly shoots guns, going camping, and hiking. Cane owns a AR-18 semi automatic rifle, a Mosin Nagant rifle, a model 1897 replica shotgun, a 1911 pistol, and a colt python revolver. He often spends a large amount of time shooting his firearms in the canyons where he lives. As mentioned above, he will engage in some illegal hunting from time to time.

Vices and personal issues: Deep down, Cane is secretly extremely lonely and wants friends. However, as mentioned repeatedly throughout this outline, he views wanting relationships with others as a sign of weakness, which he will not tolerate in himself. Thus he forcibly represses his feelings of loneliness in himself, to somewhat limited success.

He also has somewhat of a drinking problem. It’s not to the point of being a full fledged alcoholic, but will be if his pattern continues in a few years.

Summary: All in all, he is a man that has developed an obsession with his own skewed idea of being independent. His obsession with living a solitary life has gotten to the point that it consumes most of his personality traits.

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