Regarding my last post, I thought about it and it wasn't that the plot in general isn't working; it's that my antagonist was wrong for the story. He clashes with the themes of the protagonist gang and they don't really have a strong connection to him, so what I have now is half of two decent ideas crammed badly together. (Specifically, a group whose themes relate to home and birth family versus found family against a villain who seeks immortality doesn't mesh well; he needs a hero whose themes relate more to death and infirmity.) It took me long enough to come up with this motivation for him, and I have no clue what to have him be doing now. That turned out to be the problem I was having when I said I'm "not good with plots"; what I'm actually bad at is antagonistic forces. I need a way to get around that. Mother suggested I crib from real incidents (a la Silence of the Lambs with Bundy) but that doesn't work well for a fantasy novel. How do I solve that problem?

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