For the last few years I've been enjoying my time studying literature and creative writing at university. While working through an undergrad and a masters, I supported myself financially working whatever jobs I could get. But. Whenever I finished serving at the carvery, selling shoes, or mopping up slop, I found it easy (usually) to slip back into 'Writer Mode'–working through plot points, developing character backstories, coming up with new ideas that excited me.

I think the reason I found it easy to get into this mind-frame was that I was surrounded by others who were enthusiastic about writing. I set up weekly writing workshops, a gmail account to give online feedback to those who couldn't make them, a poetry group, attended open mic nights, and volunteered at the magazine (New Welsh Review) based on campus.

Now, I've finished my courses. I work full-time in a bar/restaurant (Good ol' Spoons). I'm no longer surrounded by people who are interested in writing. It's the best job I can find right now, one I need, and one that lets me work with some brilliant, funny people. But. Whenever I finish pulling pints, delivering dishes, and more mopping up slop, I find it really hard to get back into 'Writer Mode'. It feels like the skills I've spent the last few years (and a lot of money) building have started to atrophy.

So, any advice for a full-time worker to slip into 'Writer Mode' when off the clock? What helps you guys?

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