As my freshman year wraps to a close as an undergrad student for English and Creative Writing, I'm at the literal breaking point of just saying fuck it and switching my major.

The amount of elitism that academia has when it comes to literary works is insane. I took this major because of the words "Creative Writing" but all I ever get is "Nah you have to write about this and that."

I love to write speculative fiction and into genre or popular fiction. However, my professors and fellow peers have always routinely told me the same thing:

"Genre fiction is a form of escapism, hence it isn't literature."


I have no qualms with literary fiction. I love reading about them, but I personally could never write something considered to be literary fiction as that is not my strong style. I love writing into sci-fi or fantasy especially.

Now before I get the comment, yes, I do know that you have assigned writing prompts that you have to write about in your classes. I'm not an idiot, i know that.

However, "Creative" writing programs tend to forget the word "creative" and focus more on trying to fit as many themes in a story as possible to hopefully create something meaningful out of it. The amount of times I've been shunned by people for even thinking of writing something in genre fiction is unreal. God forbid that I don't love to write literary fiction.

If any high schoolers here ever want to pursue a Creative Writing major, just be warned, if you love to write in any genre fiction, you'll most likely be hounded. Apparently horror books like It, The Shining, and Pet Sematary or J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books don't count as literature to many eyes in the academia world.

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