To dream is to struggle. Tips and recommendations on how to achieve what I desire? + why writing is not only about being creative, but clever.


Hello. I'll try to keep things quick. I'm a 23 YO who lives by his own here on Venezuela and is thinking on moving asap. I work as an article writer and I believe I am luckier than most people since I can provide for myself, but with every article I write, I feel that I am becoming tired of writing. They are —most of the time— repeating my self over and over and over again. I love writing and I certainly don't want to hate it just because of how it has become my source of income. Thus, this year I started to consider becoming a writer. I do want to write a series of book which I have been planning over the years, but I believe that only writing the story will not be enough.

I don't want to be so naive as thinking that writing and publishing my story as a book online (or published physically) will be enough to live out of writing. Writing is also a business which requires advertisement, management, and lots of things for it to be enough to provide for yourself.

I am thinking on becoming a blog writer along creating some sort of social-media website capable of drawning enough traffict so I can advertise my own books (Like many Youtubers have done, for example, Dross with his books) I also want to earn a passive income from such websites so I can have another source of income coming from writing besides of writing books and stories. I am a gamer and a lover of japanese culture + anime, so I might create something related to that, or perhaps emotional intelligence, which is a topic I love.

I just really want to live out of writing my own content, be it stories, articles, anything. I just really love writing.

And that's why I want some guidance in regards of:

— If I were to create my own blog, how should I start? Which domain should I use? And also, what kind of niche you believe would be more interesting as a consumer?

—Do you have a method on how to advertise myself as a content creator? Get to know people related to the business and improve my network?

—Can you provide some guidance in regards on how to publish online and get revenue out of it?

—How can one obtain revenue from creating its own content as a writer?

Note: I know that these can be found online. In fact, I did my own research already, but reddit has something that other sites don't have (like youtube tutorials and such) and that is real people's opinions and guidance. I like this site a lot for such features.

I don't know if this can be posted in this subreddit, and I apologize if this is considered an non-permitted post. I also apologize for any typos or mistakes in my English.

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