To what extent did mainstream Russian society adopt Soviet ideals? Russia seems to be a very conservative country and Communism is on the other end of the spectrum; how did this work?


I was watching "The Americans" (TV drama about KGB spies in America during the 80's), and at one point a Soviet embassy worker mentions how he likes going to black churches. I know that TV isnt the best source but I'd assume that it's somewhat accurate.

Going to church is pretty against the whole state atheism element of Communism. When you get to thinking about it, Russian culture from what I can tell hasn't changed much since the czarist era. Alot of Russians today go to church and hold pretty conservative beliefs about family, their country, and society. These changes couldn't have happened overnight after the fall of the USSR.

This brings me back to my main question. How "communist" was Russian society during the Soviet era? To what extent did the Russian people or other ethnic groups adopt Marxist ideals? What percentage of people would be considered full blown communists and what percentage wouldn't get involved with it?

Source: reddit post


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