TW in case suicide is triggering for you.

So I have been working on my first draft, the draft is going to be…. heavily edited once I am finished, if not 99% scrapped because It's the hottest mess in the world, in my brain I have been trying to think of a more intense beginning for the book, one that in captures just how tired of life and suicidal that my main character is.

It's set in a Urban Fantasy environment but is very gritty and I'm trying to make real life issues brought up in it as well.

My Protagonist is 22, female, and an alcoholic. She also has a few mental health issues that are not addressed in the book (as of yet) She is a character I have had for a long time, I know how she is, she's very impulsive, very immature and has thought about it before. I was thinking of heavily implying that she wanted to jump off of a bridge that's over a freeway. I'm not gonna intro a 'savior' character in this scene, It's just going to be her, her drunk thoughts and the implication that she might be better off to just… jump.

My book is going to be new adult, would this be too much to just shove right on the reader? I want to capture the gravity of her mental state, so we can read through her growth and acceptance of herself, & other plot points.

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