I’ve been researching serial homicide for a long time. I’ve read hundreds of books on the subject. This was a hobby that turned pro when I left another parallel profession.

I currently work for a group researching and analyzing data at the psych, law enforcement, legal and education-research level within this genre professionally (crime generally, but do get serial homicide work regularly). I work remotely and about 90% is data analysis, 10% reporting and explaining what the data means to others via research reports. They then take my info and expand in real world use (law enforcement, more study, fbi, etc.) I’m basically a think tank for info others expand on. I get paid by case and choose which ones I want to work on.

*I’ve been researching a specific series of murders most have seldom heard about. A couple podcasts exist, one blog, one documentary series, and one book. Each one of these media have a singular focus to the story, although my version of events takes on all their info, expands on it and forms new theories and hypothesis for investigators (and the public) to consider. Without the whole pie so to speak – you can’t see the forest for the trees.

How in the hell do I get around getting sued (plagiarism/copy-write) for common knowledge covered across all these media versions which in whole make up my bigger picture story? Do I just rephrase things that have already been rephrased 5 times or cite every single close variation to what I’ve picked up in other work along the way? I plan to give credit to these four, but citing every single line item seems ridiculous and counter productive to the cause.

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I basically take deeper digs and wider big picture thoughts into a more focused and probable story vs the one that exists today in parts.

I guess the one thing I should mention is in this genre people have really focused theories and freak out when other people step in with other info and either prove them wrong or lead readers away from their work. Ie a better wheel exists. This is also the “unsolved version” of the story as this series hasn’t been solved and is simply a “theory” shared by a few. I have a new theory, but it does include theirs as well. Hard to explain without giving up the golden goose.

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