So I'm pretty new to this whole creative writing/fiction thing but I wanted to get in to it for 2 reasons, the first being to improve my communication skills (writing more) and the second being for another outlet to channel my creativity/imagination.

That said, I've typed out 7.5k words in the past 4 days (what's a good average?) but I'm finding myself running into a couple of particular issues that are recurring and well, bugging the shit out of me.

The first and most important one (imo) is character dialog. I'm finding myself using the term he replied or he said quite often or ""*" *said the" {description of secondary character}. So without a doubt I could use some pointers on character dialog (wiki link is empty).

A question that just occurred to me while typing that out is how many times is it acceptable to use a pronoun in a sentence while referring to a character? For example: "As he moved towards the window he heard " Feels a bit lazy whereas "As he moved towards the window a disembodied voiced echoed over the aging PA system stating" Feels a bit better.

The other problem I'm having is, I think I've got character thought narrowed down by using italics to represent an internal thought but I'm having trouble representing flashbacks and events unfolding in real time…

This is just a personal project and more about self improvement than anything so I'm under no illusion it's going anywhere but I'm genuinely having fun and am a bit of a "perfectionist" so I'd like to do it right, or at least learn how to do it right before the projects over.

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Any and every tip is welcome, thanks for reading 🙂

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