I have a large plot I have been thinking of for years, the characters, several set pieces and all already thought up in detail. One of the things I have massive trouble with is trying to get down on paper exactly how the world got the way it is. I am trying to come up with a way that would not be too cliche (or if I really want to bite the bullet in that way.)

I want the story to take place in recent years. ( like 2010 onward.) Mostly east coast US to eastern canada, but also stretching into several key points around the globe. A large element will be travel and the general genre of it was going to Adventure, Action, light sci fi.

The most i can say is that the main two characters are 18 year olds boy just finishing high school, who live right outside a small city in mid New York. There has been a population decline in the US, and im not sure if want to spread to the rest of world, but i also dont know how to say how it happened. there has been a rise in gang problems, and vigilante justice throughout the country. (Then again, that is something im not how to support with the existence of goverment and such.)

The main two characters are cousins and had both sets of parents killed in a gang related car bombing, caught in nearby vehicles. Living with their grandparents, they grew up hearing all sorts of stories from their grandfather about traveling the world, and in their free time (not living near any wilderness) enjoyed following the cuts in small forests and towns created by transmission tower pylons that cross every which spot of the country.

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I have alot more to that, and far into the future, but as it goes for world building, I consider that a must and I am spit balling a hundred ideas around, while trying to avoid something like a plague or so.

So far I have thought of things like civil war in the states, yet it would have to have the outcome of a actual seperate territory formed, and I also have already written several characters including someone in Canada, Kazakhstan, mid western US, and at least one major gang leader (a gang that almost is more of a vigilante justice type that try to protect the innocent.) that befriends the main characters.

I know that isnt really enough to get a grasp on what the hell I want but I was looking to just see what someone else might think as I usually write without consulting someone.

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