One of the subplots of my main has to do with a male friendship. Basically a bromance, set in a historical fantasy. I want to flirt with subtext of the college-esque level of brotherly intimacy (questionably homoerotic, perhaps?) but also don’t want to make it an outright romance. They are close, but clearly independent men who don’t envision a romantic life together. They are both interested in women, both at some point married.

But I’m having a hard time writing this. I’m trying to draw on my own experiences but I’m also not trying to make this some sort of subdued catharsis. My biggest issue is that if I focus on this friendship, I don’t feel like I can give the main’s romantic interest proper justice. But if I focus on the romantic interest, I will trivialize the friend. Do I need to sacrifice one for the other?

Has anyone had trouble writing an intimate friendship (think shield-brother, blood brothers, or greek level heroic partnerships)?

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