Typed up my first book, going for printing a physical copy and one digital, need help from someone who has done this more efficiently than I have so far


Hi Reddit Family,

I am planning to print a book which is around 734 pages. I need some expert advice around the following points

I used MS Word, what application should have I used which makes formatting multiple languages easier than it was this time?

What should be the kind of paper I must choose for a book with so many pages so it is easy carry the book around once printed?

What should be the standard font size I can use (clearly you can tell that this is my first time ever)

What should be an appropriate paper size for a book with these many pages and the standard size of margins?

Any other pro tips for someone who is getting into this field will be greatly appreciated

If I were planning to convert the existing .docx to something digital, I would like to use some application which can convert my book into a skeuomorphic book with turning pages etc. please suggest the best way to go from Word to this format

Note: I might come across as being lazy and not googling these details or looking for subreddits on this topic…my apologies for that. If you come across details which are already out there, please share here by all means

Also, if this is not the place to ask, please suggest where I may…

A big thank you in advance.

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