Hey anyone have any advice for crafting a good adventure for the main character and a few friends to go on? I’m having trouble thinking of what kind of adventure he can go on that I can then pan out into a full fledged story arc. Anyone have some advice for what types of adventures their are?

My world ( super summarized): it’s a early flintlock fantasy setting set in a renaissance esc era that is about to come to an end by some kind of massive war by a cult that serves a blood thirsty Eldritch god. The region it starts in is a region that is divided and on the brink of war. A kingdom has been using its power to control some local settlements that are just outside its borders. These free settlements didn’t mind until the kingdom started becoming less friendly and more oppressive and controlling sparking a desire in these free settlements to form their own country. They do and the kingdom doesn’t like this because it shifts the balance of power in the local region away from their own kingdom and threatens their sovereignty. So they try and stiff arm this new country (that they don’t recognize as legitimate or free) into a forced annexation. Causing tensions to rise and ultimately spark a war.

But this is more of a world event and less of a story arc to focus on. What adventure can I do that gets the MC out into the world so I can then turn it into the greater arc I have thought about. Any advice?

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