Hey there guys, I am from europe and we learn bascicly nothing bout us history. We basicly just learn that the usa freed itself in a revolution and then some hundrets years later they saved europes asses from hitler, thats it.

My Questions are bout the civil war of the us, i read a bit on wikipedia and other sites but still i have questions.

  1. Was Slavery the only reason for the war? Some sources say the north stardet the war only because of the slavery issue (besides of the seperatism), but other sources say the slavery-issue was just one of many reasons (as there where economic reasons as in almost every war)
  2. Also, when it was for Slavery, why did most of the CSA Soldiers hwere fighting for? I mean most soldiers where former farmers and poor as f*ck, also no slave owners, i dont get why they where fighting for a staate that allowed slavery when they dont even had anythhing from that "feature".

I hope my english isent to bad and you get whats on my mind, also i dont like slavery and i also dont like war ( and i also dont want to relativate the crimes of slaveery or anything, I am just interestet in history and we never had the us-civil war at school, i just wanna learn about it. 🙂 (Please dont rip me apart if i asked some stupid questions, like i said, i never had that topic over here in europe and wanna inform myself)

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