Using Human Trafficking as a Basis for a Novel


So I recently read this book, The Lotus Keeper by Leeann Mays and it stuck with me. Not because it was good (it was) but because it was unlike anything I read before and this is what I mean: This book uses real life problems (human trafficking and drug cartels) as a basis for this dark romance and I've not read any romance books like that before.

My question is: Do you think it is appropriate to use such a terrifying issue like human trafficking for the basis of a novel? Human trafficking, and drug dealing are very serious problems in many countries. Do you think the author is being insensitive to the people out there who have gone through something traumatic like that before or do you think the author should have the freedom to use creativity however he/she feels?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing on the book; it was amazing and had me consumed for the entire weekend, but I couldn't help but think how it was so different than all of the other romance books I've read. I actually started researching human trafficking statistics because of it.

Just curious if anyone has read this and what others are thinking.

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