I love deleted scenes and bloopers as bonus features I'm watching something on home video–it's one of the draws of buying such a thing, especially in this day and age when everything is so easily accessible. In my time watching Deleted Scenes, it's seemed to me that in film, it's not so much something that doesn't fit with the narrative or is out of character, it's rather an extraneous bit of information, unneeded for the overall flow of the story, or it had to be cut for time. However, in the case of writing and literature, "deleted scenes" are not only often not shared, they tend to be considered events that just straight-up didn't happen, or were inaccurate to the plot or characters as they exist in the final product.

So, are they completely disparate? Is film and visual media unique in that the script has been written, so the story is solid, but every piece is not needed to tell the story? And literature goes through so many edits and iterations that there sometimes is no room or allowance for "deleted scenes", making them uncanonical even though written by the same author? What's your opinion? Do you save or show deleted scenes, and do they still have any relation to the final product?

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