Hi! I’m in the late stages of draft 3 of my book and would like somebody to write with who can critique my work and discuss my plot with me.


Aspen can still remember the first time she ate a god. The first time she stole from that god. And now she’s about to become that god.

Until her father drags her away the night before her bonding, forcing her to make a heart. He claims he can use it to bring back a god greater than she’d be, but in doing so, sabotages her chances of becoming a god. Humiliated, Aspen is saved from punishment by Galen, her kidnapper who is possessing the body of her best friend who went missing years ago. The friend she stole from a god for.

He chains her to a cliff and demands she give him the heart she made so he can rebuild his body instead of possessing the skins of his victims. But he’s not the only one who wants the heart. Sirens with dreams of becoming fully-skinned mermaids lurk in the waters below and Galen’s pact with them might not be enough to keep her safe.

The deal’s simple. The handcuffs holding her to the cliff are loosening day by day, bringing her closer to crashing down onto the cliff. She can give him what he wants and die a quick death, or abstain and end up in pieces on the ocean floor. One way or another, Galen will get his heart and the sirens will get their skin.

My book is told from 3 POVs: Aspen’s, Galen’s, and Sember’s (the girl who Galen is possessing).

Read:  I've written a rough outline of the story I'm planning to write and would like some opinions on it.

You can find the first chapter here, if you’re interested.

As for other information about me, I am a female and a teenager who lives in the GMT time zone and is looking for a serious critique partner who is willing to work on more than one manuscript after this one. It would be preferable if you lived in a similar time zone to me so we could discuss more frequently, but it’s okay if you don’t. My preferred method of communication would be discord or email although I am open to other options.

If you read my chapter and think we might be a fit, PM me with one of your chapters and we can discuss further 🙂

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