Wars within the Holy Roman Empire


Hello! I'm an amateur historian interested mostly in the Enlightenment and revolutionary/Napoleonic France. Through research of this topic obviously the Holy Roman Empire has become a very prevalent thing, of which I am quite aware of it's system and strange ways. My question is however, was it possible for two countries within the Holy Roman Empire to war against each other? I know about the Thirty Years War and the various wars Prussia fought in contest of Austria but these seem like very grandiose wars where the HRE was very much split in to two sides, backing the Austrians or the opposition. Could a minor war without the intervention of Austria happen? For example, what if Bavaria wanted to take lands off of Baden or Wurrtemburg for any reason, could they theoretically war over these lands without the immediate intervention on either side by Austria or later Prussia? Are there any instances of this happening? Thanks for any replies and sorry if I worded this strangely.

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