Was the Botafogo the first early “Man o’war” in history ?


The Botaforo (spitfire) or the holy jhon baptist ( São João Baptista ) was the largest ship of the 16th century

it was a Portuguese Nau ( an inbetween a galion and a carrack)

– 366 pieces of artillery

– 1300 men

– 5 gundecks

the man o 'war appeared during th 18th century.

Do you think that this ship could have been the predecessor of the man o'war ?

Portuguese were the best shipmakers in the world during the 15th and 16th century. However we have a big issue : we never found any plans about Naus (portuguese carracks) and we never found enough of a shipwreck to learn more about their size or their shape.

We only have paintings.

Do you think that considering historical sources which say that it had 366 pieces of artillery, 1300 men and 5 gundecks that it could be an enormous ship ?

such big ships were rare for this time. In fact i never heard of any ship with the ability to transport this much men and pieces of artillery.

the only sources we have are from portuguese and some are from italians which were there at the conquest of tunis in 1535.

we have some paintings too :


My question is how big was it really ? and if it as big as its characteristics suppose would it be an early man o'war ?

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