I (23F) graduated college in May with a degree in Creative Writing. My initial goal was to go on to grad school and be a professor, but thanks to my grades that fell through. Or at least, I assume it was my grades. I don't know.

I'd love to quit my job and just be a writer, but I haven't written anything original since I finished my senior project. My English capstone was in January and my colleagues tore it apart. It was made very clear to me that they didn't like my work, didn't appreciate the hard work I put in, and didn't take it seriously.

In essence it was a replay of my senior year of high school where nearly the same thing happened.

My confidence in my original work is shattered. Recently I finished a ~150 page fanfic novel (in six months, might I add) but I'm afraid that fanfiction is all I can ever do. Anybody can write that. I don't care if someone doesn't like it. But my original pieces, the ones I put time and love and care in? No one cares about those.

So I'm wondering if anyone has ever been in a similar situation and how to move on from it. I'd love to write. I want to write again. But when I sit down at my computer I just…can't.

TL;DR I can't manage to write original work anymore thanks to colleagues tearing it apart and I want to know if you have any advice.

(P.S. My senior project was 25 flash fiction and creative nonfiction pieces centered around how objects "see" the world and how they affect our lives in a sentimental/nostalgic way. All pieces were 250-350 words maximum. But apparently that wasn't good enough.)

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