Well—I got “took” and almost got “taken”. Depressing actually—but not giving UP


Fellow writers, as a rookie, as a newbie and as one who will NOT give up,

I got my first lesson this month on trying to seek help on my books.

I trusted these folks. http://www.yourbookangel.com/book-editing/ I got ripped off. $1000-.

YET—I ALMOST got ripped off by https://www.pagepublishing.com/.

Am I embarrassed? Sort of. First off, Page Publishing is nothing more than a Vanity Press outfit. They wanted my book bad. So bad they wanted it THAT BAD…OK, so I thought they were legit.

They will do the editing, the cover, the style the shape and who and where "they " market the book. I get 10 copies! WOWSERS! To give to family. For this??? $3800.00 USD monthly payments of $179 +- ONLY in a checking account–so there is no protection after you find out they are scammers. I'll post their contract if you want to see what they are all about.

On Twitter, this bookangel crowd is all over the place. OK the website looks good. They said they would do a thorough review and edit of my book. $500-

I opted for $500 more for their services that would re-organize and set my characters up better.

Now, I know I did not hire a ghostwriter. But I sure felt like I would get more than what took them 30 days to do.

  1. They ran my manuscript thru a spell-grammar checker. THAT's IT! $500. I have multiple programs that I could of done that myself. But I thought they were going to at least give me a detailed if not a quick re-write helping me on my book

70 pages, 45,000 words.

What did I get for $500 more? You can read it yourself. I did not edit out anything, I might of not gotten a line or two on the screenshot but read this for $500- I'm am sure it took all of 20 minutes.




Am I hurt? Somewhat. Mostly at my own stupidity. I look at it this way, I have a non-fictional story of how I helped a kid who I found out was homeless, he now is in Med School. The story revolves around a lot of things, my own children angry at me, a neat kid who could be in jail today, and my own deep dark secrets and fears. It all culminated the day he graduated.

So my friends, I am back on my own. My own work, my own thoughts, my own tears, and fears, putting what I think folks would like to read about on paper.

Don't feel sorry for me. I am a boomer retired not a kid. I have had my lumps. I just fell for someone(s) who took money then produced shit. Yes, I shot them back a nice email telling them I really think they are ripping off folks. They "MIGHT" be from the EU. But what they produced for me was crap.

ANYONE, even a retarded 5th grader can run a manuscript thru Word 365 or 2012 to get the same results they have. I also use Grammarly.

As for the editorial. Come on, I gave more responses to 8th graders when I was a teacher on a simple homework assignment.

Will I give up? Hell no. Everyone (two neighbors and a prof at FSU) all cried through the book especially the graduation ceremony, and things after that. Yes it was that intense. And yes, after the graduation ceremony some other "things" happened.

But you laugh at the end.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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