Hi, all! My novel is a paranormal fantasy story about werewolves. The protagonist, Kaitlyn, is a Universal, a rare werewolf with supernatural abilities. To stay alive and access her powers, she must form a soul bond with another and share their energy.


Kaitlyn is flared with Adrian, her captor, which is the psychic reaction that occurs when a werewolf finds not just their mate, but their soul mate.

To form a soul bond, the two werewolves bite each other and exchange ichor, the fluid that binds their energies and psyches together. This is called marking or claiming, but the bond isn’t fully formed until they have sex.

Kaitlyn enters her first heat and is scared that Adrian will use her for his own means, something that happened to many Universals in past werewolf society.

Note: the pack bond that Adrian has with the others is not the same as a soul bond. There is no energy-sharing involved, and Kaitlyn is not pack-bonded to them yet.

“Rut” is the sex craze that the opposite mate (and others) experiences when a female is in heat.

The Voice of the Alpha is a tone that an alpha can use to psychically command or persuade others. Alphas can also read their pack members’ memories through physical contact.

Document stats:

2226 words, broken into three scenes. The document is double-spaced, with page numbers and scene headings for easy reading and navigation.

There is no sex shown, but it is readily apparent, and the chapter begins just after the claiming. Italicized text is personal thoughts and italicized dialogue is telepathic conversations.

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I’ve realized that there are not many physical descriptions of the characters in the writing, so I’ll include them here:

  • Edmund is the alpha. He’s tall and in his 50s, but he looks older due to stress. He wears glasses and has long, gray hair that he pulls back into a ponytail.

  • Kaitlyn is a teenager. She has a slim build and long, blond hair and green eyes.

  • Adrian is the first beta, a 24-year-old doctor. He has auburn hair and blue eyes.

  • Cetronia is Edmund’s younger mate. Thin, with brown hair and brown eyes.

  • Cody is Cetronia’s sister. She is the second beta and mated to Rafferty. Strong build, dark blonde hair and hazel eyes.

  • Rafferty is the pack’s muscle. Large build, dark hair and eyes.

  • Crispin is an omega, a werewolf with the ability to manipulate the emotions of those around him. He has curly, red hair and hazel eyes.


  • General feedback
  • Imagery
  • Plot flow
  • Character development
  • Emotional reaction

You can leave comments here or on the document. Line edits are fine, just don’t go crazy.

Thanks, have fun, and feel free to ask any questions if I’ve forgotten something!

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