What are some great love stories that happened during war or in a time of conflict?


One of my best friends is joining the military soon. Because of this I'm writing a series of essays on war so they have passable reading material or a good source of kindling during their basic training. In total I have thirteen "chapters" that build off of each other . One such chapter is called "In Love and War" and focuses on cases where despite everything going against everyone a deeper connection manages to shine through the fog of war.

My ideas for this chapter are to talk about "The Greatest Beer Run Ever", The story of Arabella Barlow, and Mary Seacole. I feel the greatest beer run ever is perfect for this because it has a happy ending, emphasizes fraternal love, and the literal distances people will go just to crack a warm one with the boys. Arabella Barlow was a woman who followed her husband onto the battlefield during the American civil war by becoming a volunteer nurse. She ended up dying of typhoid, but it tell of sacrifice. Lastly, I think Mary Seacole's story is one of general goodwill to fellow man. Not only did she help soldiers during her career, but also later in her life when the soldiers she helped returned the favor by taking care of her debts.

I'd be nice to find a real life analogue to "A Princess Bride", but I'm not really sure something like that exists. That being said I'd love to hear what suggestions you have to offer, and bonus points for the crazier the story is. Thanks!

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