Hey y'all,

So I'm someone that loves comedy. My Netflix queue is probably filled more with comedy specials than TV Shows. And when I do watch TV Shows, it will guaranteed be a comedy. Now, I understand that comedy is possibly one of the hardest forms of writing because it's so subjective. Meaning different people find different things funny. So to sharpen my humor skills, personally I'm thinking of doing some local stand-up here in my home town BUT also I want to know what are some of the mechanics in writing humor?

I'm that type of guy at work that can be funny, BUT that's after 20 jokes later. 19 other jokes are bad to put it bluntly. I want to implement humor in my horror stories since it helps relief tension and even use it for when something bad happens in the story. What are some great books and resources that help hone in my "inner-comedian"??

Any and all suggestion is accepted and good look with your writing journey as well!!

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