I’m writing an epic fantasy and need help coming up with a super power of some sort. So there are a very small group of characters whom are the last of their kind. Because of reasons I need help coming up with, no one DARES to fight them. Like to the point where if a Pondal (which is what I decided to call this human race) enters a bar, everyone is immediately on edge. People just wait to see what the Pondal is gonna do. And it’s not because Pondals are like mega strong or Supermanesque or anything physical like that, so please don’t suggest a power that physically enhances them where they become Godly. I’m thinking more so that Pondals have lasting effects of some sort on someone who kills them. What exactly, I don’t know. Which leads me to a problem. Surely there’s someone who has just totally given up on life and decides to just sacrifice themself in a way and kill a Pondal, dooming them too, but hey they’re on the brink of death and sorrowness anyway. So I don’t know how I can make it where even the lowest of the low, the baddest of the bad, and the carelessest of the careless still don’t wanna kill a Pondal. Please help. BTW, there’s only like 8 Pondals in total in a huge world.

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