What are the current trends you are seeing in short fiction?


So, I’ve been submitting to different magazines and anthologies pretty regularly for the last 1.5 years or so and I’ve also tried to start reading online magazines as I think if I expect these publications to consider my work, I should also read their publications sometimes. It also, of course, gives me a better idea of what the editors are looking for.

Each magazine is going to have some stylistic preference, but you can notice some trends in the types of stories being published.

What trends have you noticed? And do you try to push your own writing towards those trends?

Here are my observations:

  1. Less dialogue. A lot of the stories I read in school that were considered modern or post modern, etc seemed to feature a lot of dialogue. Interestingly the stuff I’ve been seeing published lately doesn’t seem very dialogue heavy and a lot forgoes it entirely.

  2. Personal 3rd person narrator. Although the story is told in 3rd person, the story is almost entirely in the head of one character to the point that the reader is unsure if the events are real or just imagined

  3. Lots of character reflection and thoughts. Lots of characters trying to make sense of their memories

  4. “Cluttered” style. My quotes are because I don’t know the best name for this. But this trend seems to be towards longer paragraphs with sentences that aren’t that smooth or direct. Instead the writing seems to have a more Jumpy rhythm and the topics of the sentences seem to jump around to different details

  5. Folksy type, humble narrators.

  6. The internal setting and emotional landscspe takes up most of the descriptio rather than the actual physical spaces

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