What are the most savage snap backs stated in history? My favorite is the spartan soldier responding to someone asking where Sparta’s borders end by thrusting his spear forward and saying: “somewhere over there”


I’ve been well aware of the brutal rebukes uttered by the Spartans. For example when an Athenian woman asked why spartan woman were treated like equals by their male counterparts. A Spartan woman simply stated that only they gave birth to men.

Or when a Spartan king was visiting another city state when the host king started bragging about their massive walls. The spartan king responded by saying: “those are fine women’s quarters” when the host king tried to wise up to his level and said: “where are Sparta’s walls?” The king pointed to his men and nonchalantly said: “over there” .

There are other situations which come to mind like the American officer who responded to German requests for their surrender with: “Nuts” or the British soldier who while surrounded in Arnhem told the German messenger requesting their surrender with: “We haven’t got the facilities, we can’t accept your surrender”

I’d love to know more of these gems.

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